Tuesday, August 25, 2009

today i'm loving....

barnes & noble's new "pick me up" feature. because i need them to make it easier for me to buy books.

the new ingrid michaelson cd is out today!

the gap's new premium jeans are just as amazing as they want you to think they are. try a pair on, you won't be sorry.

click here. do you see that yellow belt, with the blue sweater? love it.

happy tuesday.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

loving the rain.

going to the farmer's market in the middle of a thunderstorm is quite an adventure. thank goodness for tarps. and for kind people who urge you not to get struck by lightning as you purchase their raspberries. but when you haven't been to the farmer's market in three weeks you'll do anything for those raspberries.

plus if marie can handle a rainy farmer's market, then so can i.

love rainy saturdays.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

what i'm loving this week.

sorry to have abandoned my blog. know that i think of you often, but have yet to figure out how to turn those thoughts into actions.

here's a little collection of loveliness to make up for my absence.
a super hot photo shoot from vanity fair. honestly, i have tried to get into mad men and failed. but it's hard to deny the appeal of jon hamm. (via simply photo)

molly irwin's 100 reasons to love summer album. words cannot describe how much i love this. it just might inspire me to scrapbook. (via ali edwards & elise blaha)

the good life for less video series

simple lovely's fashion confession.

the stripey goodness in this collection from smoky alice (via simplesong)

can't believe how long ago it feels like i was here.