Wednesday, September 30, 2009

inching my way back.

i am inching my way back to this blog. i don't know how i know that, but my room is cleaner than it has been in months. so clearly, things are changing. and if i don't have that mess to tinker with, i think i can turn my attention back here.

yesterday, i went to the beach. it was windy and cold and awesome. i love the smell of lake michigan. i love how when we turned around we could see the sand blowing across the beach like i imagine it does in the dessert. it was like the wind was pushing us forward. it all seemed sorta magical.

on the way to and from the beach, my friend and i listened to a fine frenzy. today i downloaded the cd and it was like reliving the whole night. perfect autumn music.

Monday, September 14, 2009

this was a good day because...

so i realize i'm getting away from the point of the blog a bit, but some things need to be noted. and good days fall on that list.

+ today included a lunchtime trip to target that cost way too much but found me cute dresses and belts and a bright yellow purse... not to mention reese's pumpkins.

+ i made a delicious dinner and ate it at my very own table, while reading entertainment weekly's fall tv preview.

+ comcast is installing cable and dvr on wednesday.

+ the cw continues to provide not so classy but oh so enjoyable drama... via vampire diaries and 90210.

+ good things are happening to people i love.

+ i'm checking things off my list.

+ who can complain about the lovely summer weather we've been having this fall?

and now the day is done. here's hoping for more good days to come.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

had the best day.


-breakfast with a dear friend who doesn't live quite as close as she used to.

-watching the spartans win big- live from spartan stadium. my first msu football game did not disappoint. and nothing beats a trip to the dairy store on a hot afternoon.

go green, go white... here's hoping the rest of fall is just as awesome.