Thursday, March 3, 2011

a story about a dog.

today marked the first morning that jack (that cute pup up there) was back home after a vacation at the grandparents. at 5:45 we marched out the door for our really early walk. after some recent rumblings in the neighborhood i was trying extra hard to be aware of my surroundings. while i'm noticing a noise in the distance and remembering it's that one guy on that one street who we always see on his way to work, the dog starts to pull on the leash. usually this means that we're about to meet up with another dog. i'm not sure who else is up walking their dog this early but i pull back a little and look up.

it's a skunk! a skunk is about half a block ahead of us and walking toward us. i am now officially awake.

and so we very, very quickly start walking backwards (yes i literally walked backwards down the sidewalk) and the skunk turned around and walked back up someone's driveway (lucky them!). we turned down a different street and continued our walk skunk free.

let's just say the whole experience was quite a wake up call.

1 comment:

  1. oh no! my worst nightmare! although the skunk would have eaten pixel. can't wait to meet your little guy!