Friday, July 3, 2009

away we go.

i pretty much love going to the movies. i'd probably go every weekend if i could. the more movies you see, and this feels especially probable in the summer, the less likely it seems that one will really stick with you. there is something about away we go that has stuck with me.

from the very first scene (a highly awkward sexual scene that ensures you will never watch this movie with your parents), i knew i would not forget this movie. but it was more than the experience of a few awkward moments when my own morals clashed with that of the characters... it was the story that struck a chord with me. it made me think about home, about change, about why we make the choices we make... i love walking out of a movie and having something to chew on with my viewing companion.

i also love a good laugh until you cry moment... and this movie was not without one of those. combine that with the super great soundtrack and i can't help but recommend this movie.* in fact, please won't you take me with you this weekend?

*however, if you have a sensitive conscience to things of a sexual nature or repeated usage of the f-word i'd avoid this film.

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  1. i'm super curious about this movie but now you've motivated me to head to the movies.