Wednesday, July 1, 2009

interior inspiration.

i tend to believe that our homes reflect who we are. i consider it the highest compliment that someone feels "at home" in my living space. i want my friends to know where the glasses are, to feel free to put their feet up on the couch, to enjoy their stay.

in attempting to create the kind of space that elicits these feelings, i have found inspiration in many places. one site that provides weekly inspiration (in many areas) is bliss. each tuesday mrs. french posts her happy place- the blissful inspiration of the week. i have found many of my favorite interior shots via these posts. hopefully you can find something of your own to delight in.

1 comment:

  1. reasons why i love this post
    1. i love the feeling when people feel "at home" in my space.

    2. i love the little "e" next to the chair.

    3. the sign that reads "falmouth" over the doorway reminds me of my recent trip to the cape. do you remember falmouth?