Monday, September 14, 2009

this was a good day because...

so i realize i'm getting away from the point of the blog a bit, but some things need to be noted. and good days fall on that list.

+ today included a lunchtime trip to target that cost way too much but found me cute dresses and belts and a bright yellow purse... not to mention reese's pumpkins.

+ i made a delicious dinner and ate it at my very own table, while reading entertainment weekly's fall tv preview.

+ comcast is installing cable and dvr on wednesday.

+ the cw continues to provide not so classy but oh so enjoyable drama... via vampire diaries and 90210.

+ good things are happening to people i love.

+ i'm checking things off my list.

+ who can complain about the lovely summer weather we've been having this fall?

and now the day is done. here's hoping for more good days to come.

1 comment:

  1. jackie! loved this. target runs that result in satisfying finds is always delightful. glad you got to sit down to your own home-cooked meal. love you. --Susie