Saturday, September 5, 2009

had the best day.


-breakfast with a dear friend who doesn't live quite as close as she used to.

-watching the spartans win big- live from spartan stadium. my first msu football game did not disappoint. and nothing beats a trip to the dairy store on a hot afternoon.

go green, go white... here's hoping the rest of fall is just as awesome.


  1. I decided I was meant to read your blog, as I kept clicking through the "next blog" button and it came up over and over! Living in Illinois, not such a great football day for

    It is always great to spend time with friends, glad you had the opportunity.

    Since you are a 20-something, you might like my "mom" blog that is inspired by and worked on with my own 20-something.

  2. we have the same bloggin' in mind cause i'm watching UMICH game ready to blog about it. sad, i can't even watch a game without thinking about a blog post. hahaha