Monday, October 11, 2010


nashville :: october 8-11
three friends from gr headed south to visit miss annie in the ville.
these are my favorite moments & a record of how we spent our days.

arrived around 8:30. woke anne up from an accidental sleep.
breakfast at the pfunky griddle. not only does the restaurant boast the perfect quirky atmosphere & an incredibly clever concept, but our waitress was a gem. we were beyond grateful for her tips on what to see & do in nashville.
walked around the neighborhood. consignment and antique shops.
checked in at the hotel and checked out anne's new digs.
dinner at the local taco. lovely tacos and a cold tecate. this place is a real favorite of mine. and i hear it's even lovelier when it's dark and the lights twinkle above you.
enjoyed a fabulous concert at the ryman - sara bareilles, greg laswell and holly conlan. (we were there for this.) i believe half of us are now trying to recreate sara b's lovely sequin skirt, button down and a belt outfit. oh sequins, how you woo me.

glorious sleep.
breakfast at the perch. a nutella crepe and iced coffee. outside under an umbrella in brentwood. the kind of meal you know you'll be trying to recreate for years. (which is true of most of the meals we enjoyed in nashville) this was a recommendation from our waitress kate (at the pfunky griddle). she had declared them stupid good and of course we agreed.
i think maybe then we did some shopping at green hills. there was anthro, and west elm (adding a few things to my christmas list now), and trying on various pairs of toms at whole foods.
snack break - fries at five guys. perhaps after this it was back to the hotel? oh no wait... then there was...
franklin. the historic downtown of franklin to be specific. my favorite stop was rock, paper, scissors. we jotted down some info about a free concert at a park on sunday, headed to borders for a bathroom break and made a plan.
life as we know it + pei wei = back to green hills we go. super cute (though still left me semi-sad) movie. delicious dinner.

church at grace community church. recognizing our barista from the perch was an usher and learning a new way to think of repentance were the highlights.
lunch at loveless cafe. brisket that melts in your mouth. (and some pretty yummy beef jerkey from the gift shop)
scenic drive through parts previously unknown, including natchez trace pkwy (taking us high in the hills), then down the hill to franklin and back through brentwood. enjoying the fall colors and the sounds of norah jones.
napping, reading and checking email at the hotel. decided on more shopping (whole foods + target in cool springs), another movie (you again), and apps/cheescake at the cheesecake factory instead of a motown show in the park. after the movie our faith in humanity was restored when anne's ipod was found safe & sound in the cheesecake factory's safe.

home again, home again, jiggity jig.


  1. sounds like it was just what you needed and more.

  2. oh my gooosh - i lalaLOVE this...perfect. :D

  3. sounds like you had a great time! and "king of anything" is one of my favs. :) bet she was amazing!