Monday, November 1, 2010

and the world spins madly on...

tonight i saw the weepies in concert at calvin. while i had been anticipating the show for weeks, i didn't expect it to be such an emotional experience. it's hard to put into words why, but i found myself tearing up before every song. (sadly, i only got to see about 1/3 or 1/2 the show- however i was grateful to take part in the artist's conversation after the show as well.) calvin brings amazing artists into grand rapids and we are truly blessed to experience shows of this caliber. the respect they have for music is contagious. i especially loved what ken had to say in preface to the artist's convo. i highly recommend you seek out future conversations/concerts at calvin.

the weepies have been a favorite of mine since discovering them in this post by ali edwards back in 2005. and so for nearly 5 years now they have been a part of the soundtrack of my life. listening to them live tonight was like reliving so many stories. it was pure joy to experience the music, the art, the life of these two talented people... i didn't know how badly i had been waiting for this opportunity, but i'm so grateful for it.

i will not forget how fast i walked to make it to as much of this as i could. i won't forget laughing past the point of hysterics at the kid who was viewing a slideshow of best dressed celebs during the conversation with the artists. just when i thought i could do the laugh silently and rock back and forth thing, elicia rocked against me and i snorted so loud i expected everyone to turn and stare. oh the good times. God is good and He has greatly blessed my life.

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  1. so glad that I'm not the only one whose heart was jumping for joy as they played each song. :) moments like these are fantastic reminders that the LORD loves to see us happy and how all the little moments make our cup overflowth.