Wednesday, February 9, 2011

because sometimes we need to escape our own lives.

this list of my favorite blogs is dedicated to my friend elicia. who overzealously hacked her google reader and now needs some new reads.

these are some of my current favs, in no particular order.

- marta writes (who also recently hacked at her google reader)
- simple lovely... aka my all-time favorite blog.
- two ellie
- and kathleen
- dinner, a love story
- mackin ink
- green lemonade (ok, i just found this yesterday but i think it has great potential)
- b*spoke
- door sixteen
- for me, for you
- joy the baker

happy reading.

1 comment:

  1. so i must say that i truly love your blog because it is CRISP. i do think you need to update it more tho...not like you have anything else going on in your life...heeee (j/k). i esp. love the one about your visit to nashville and how your trip is so vividly chronicled. LOVE.EET. :)