Monday, December 19, 2011

Just Be | A Christmas Story

As I read this post from Shauna Niequist this morning I couldn't help but think about the Christmas brunch I had hosted just yesterday. It was a simple meal for six friends: french toast, bacon, spinach salad and egg bake. We enjoyed lots of laughter between bites (most at one very gracious friend's expense). After retiring to the living room, I couldn't escape the feeling that there was something else we should be doing. The conversation flowed, there was more hilarity, and yet a restlessness had struck me as well as at least one friend.

Should we play a game? Should we watch a movie? Should I have organized a craft project? In the end, the sunshine and forty degree December temperatures won and we headed out for a walk. Our destination ended up being a nearby playground. And so a simple meal led to a simple hour spent on the swings and slides recalling the recesses of our youth. The fresh air and clear skies were more needed than I knew. I love the little conversations that happen on a swing set and the hi-jinks that ensue when adults meet jungle gyms.

This season, when the desire for MORE of everything is tempting me, I hope I'll remember to seek the simple. To be okay with just chatting. To find the small joys. To just be. There is so much merry to be found when we accept where we are and stop searching for more.

note: these are all the photos i have of this day, thank goodness for words :)

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