Monday, April 30, 2012

and then it was over.

the birthday table - inspired by this lovely party

today is april 30. the day we celebrate my birth. (we being those i am blessed to call my loved ones) and what a blur of a day it has been.

the morning was wet. and came too soon after a night of fitful sleep. i can't believe it was anticipation for turning 29 that kept me from dreaming... but perhaps birthdays are the new christmas, who knows.  

work went by fast with a nice lunch at rose's in the middle to break things up. no birthday is complete without a pesto chicken salad (even if it's a restaurant for old people, it holds many memories and for that i consider it dear). after work there was decorating and catching up with susie, one of my two oft absent roommates of late. 

then the party got started. my dear friends shared pizza with me and we voted on which was the best (toppings, crust, sauce and overall favorite). it was so fun to discuss what we liked about each and to find new favorites, like the b.c. buffalo chicken pizza. then we played a hilarious round of celebrity, discovering that some had talents for making incredibly telling noises (ahem, sean) and that sadly i'm not above subtle cheating. there were also kind gifts and delicious cake and many reminders of how blessed i am to know these wonderful people.

so far 29 is a-okay.

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