Sunday, April 29, 2012

birthday eve.

someone told me last week that the next year of your life starts on the day of your birth, not the day after. since i believe that every birthday is like a re-do for all those resolutions you failed at on january 1, i'm attempting a resolution of sorts as i begin my 29th year. 

this year i will attempt to blog every day. somedays it may be something that seems like nothing and other days it will seem like a great big something that in two or three years turns out to be nothing. but it will be here and it will be remembered. and for now, for today, that matters to me.

so here is how i closed out my 28th year. there was a meeting at church, one that reminded me why i love student ministries. then there was laundry, and dinner while i pretended to care about glee for 20 minutes, then dishes. and now there's ole caliente on my nails, of monsters and men on the speakers and soon... tollhouse pie in my belly.

good night 28. big stuff happened this year. someday maybe i'll write about that.

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