Tuesday, May 15, 2012

in my daydreams.

in my dreams this picture looks better. maybe instagram is like everything else in life, simple is better. instead i complicate things with tilt shift and blur out the most important details.

in my dreams, i blog every day. and i document the pieces of those days because i recognize that they are gifts and i want to remember every detail. i believe that God works in small ways and that sometimes we don't realize it until the small ways have added up to a big event. but i know i'll never notice the small if i don't write it down.

in my dreams, i have it all together. i wake up rested. i go to sleep knowing i've accomplished everything i set out to today.

in my dreams, this all sounds less like overly dramatic whining and more like a plea to find common ground with others who don't have their every moment figured out. in reality, it's a little bit of me trying to explain that somehow i've failed at the whole blog every day thing. but i'm not going to stop attempting altogether.

here's to a better reality tomorrow. and cuter pictures of jack the dog.

which is not to say that today's reality was bad, but more to say that i go to sleep every night striving for a better tomorrow. is that okay? or is that just being discontent?


  1. i appreciated reading this honest post. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Susie, I'm glad to know it resonated with someone. :)