Thursday, May 10, 2012

the perfect way to end a vacation.

Scars on 45
I am back from my quick trip to Nashville and ready to return to the routine. I have some thoughts stacked up, things I would have shared if I had blogged the last couple of days. I realized on the way down that this was my eighth trip to Nashville. Fully grasping the attention I've given this city over the past few years, I feel safe spending a few days blogging about my latest trip.

If I had written this post on Monday night as it creeped into Tuesday morning, I would have told you that the perfect way to end a vacation is with a concert. Fittingly, given it's "Music City" title, I've experienced a fair share of fine musical moments in Nashville. I've attended a high school talent show (they all should audition for American Idol), a showcase at Belmont, a Sara Bareilles concert at the Ryman and now Ingrid Michaelson at the Cannery Ballroom. Each concert, though mostly the last two, have provided great memories and reminded me how much I love live music. It's awesome to have that memory tied to a town and a trip and time spent with good people.

This trip brought my second time seeing Ingrid live. She is a gem. Super talented, engaging and entertaining. I loved singing along to all my favorites and laughing at her made up ditty about pheromones puffing from her uterus (maybe you had to be there). Plus there was the engagement of Sadie and Patrick in the middle of Fools Rush In. How do you beat that?

I was also delighted to find that her opener was equally enjoyable. Scars on 45 are a charming British group with a sound well matched to the tastes of many an Ingrid fan. Opening bands are often a crap shoot, so it's a great treat to find a band that you actually want to listen to again. I have to say, I'm listening to them on Spotify now, and I think they're even better live. Perhaps though that's how you always feel about a band you discover live. They really are talented and funny and I would 100% enjoy seeing them again.

And that's how you should end a vacation. With familiar melodies ringing in your ears and new stories on your mind. (I also recommend spending your last sleep in a king-size bed with your pals. It's perfect for girl talk time.)

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